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We can help with that

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AI & Big Data

We can map, plot, chart, graph or otherwise visualize your data, and provide it in a human consumable way. Our engineers can build, train and implement AI systems to improve your process efficiency and profitability.


Develop and maintain essential software solutions for your business. Improve scalability, reliability, data-integrity and security – or for new ventures, we’ll start from scratch and build it right the first time.


Take advantage of Web 3.0 decentralization, transparency, and the unique application of smart contracts. We can help automate any transaction layer in your busines, bringing another level of efficiency to your processes.


With our DevOps services, we deliver enhanced speed, quality and control through cloud based micro-services, allowing for building, testing, deploying and monitoring that scales alongside your applications.

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"Working with Big Think was a pleasure. They analyzed our complicated business processes, cut out the fluff, and delivered a vastly superior product to manage our internal systems - on time and on budget. Highly recommended."

Paul Lachambre & Joe Rogers

President & CEO, Strategic Real Estate

"Big Think is our go-to resource for anything in the software, blockchain, AI or DevOps space. They stay ahead of the curve using cutting-edge technologies, communicate clearly throughout the course of a project, and consistently deliver awesome results."

Roberto Salgado

CTO, Websec Canada


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